Allison Arkin, L.A. Special Education Lawyer

Los Angeles Special Education Attorney

Santa Monica special education lawyer Allison Arkin is a passionate advocate for special needs
children and their families throughout the Los Angeles area. Ms. Arkin has dedicated her entire
career to helping parents with special needs kids to achieve the best possible educational
services for their children.


California special education law is complex.

Educating a child with special needs can be overwhelming. Parents not only have to deal with their
child’s unique challenges and the impact of those needs on the family and home, but they are also
expected to become experts in special education law. Too often, school districts take advantage of
these stressed and overwhelmed parents. They offer the bare minimum of services they know they
are legally required to provide—and sometimes less.


You don’t have to struggle alone.

Parents who are already exhausted from the demands of a special needs child often feel they have no option but to accept whatever services the local school district offers. Often they are unaware of their
legal rights, or they believe that hiring an attorney to advocate for their child will be cost-prohibitive. So
they attempt to muddle through the system on their own. They suffer, and so does their child.


Whatever your child’s situation, I can help.

I am an experienced litigator who focuses exclusively on special education law. I take a holistic approach to my practice, balancing the educational, emotional and financial needs of my clients and tailoring my representation of them to meet each of these needs.Give your child the head start they deserve, and make sure he or she receives every benefit the law provides.

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Allison Arkin

Special Education Attorney
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